Chloe Chan

Chloe is fond of art since her childhood. Many years ago, she started to realize that there as a lack of independent jewelry dealers who sold custom designed fine jewelry in Macao’s market. Cloé Jewelry & Art started to operate as an online store back in 2015. Since the inception of its “upstairs studio” in 2016, its brand image has been further strengthened, and has become a new gem added to the jewelry industry in Macao. Its design concept comprises three principles: uniqueness, simplicity, and variety, making use of different types of natural gemstones to tailor-make quality jewelry products for customers.

Calvin Sio

Hylé Design is an originally designed lifestyle brand created in Macao. Founded in 2014, the brand advocates to seek the goal of the basic essence of things and the enthusiasm in discovering the beauty and the details in life, with the hope that a touch of warmth mixing simplicity and purity could be presented, through our end-customers’ experiences in this bustling city, so as to improve our attitude in life.

Nuno Lopes de Oliveira

Nuno is a Macao’s fashion designer, who chose to return from England, where he graduated from Middlesex University, with the major in Fashion Design. His original brand was featured in the London Fashion Week, making him the first Macanese to have attained this achievement. Besides the business in branding, he also provides styling services and delivers guest talks to universities on the Chinese mainland.

Jet Wu

O Moon is a very special brand name, isn’t it? This name was created by Jet Wu, who tried to closely associate this name with our city Macao (or Ou Mun in Cantonese pronunciation). The product design from this brand largely embraces Macao’s identity and specialty. Jet decided to use the moon to associate with Macao because of the popular TVB drama “Return of the Cuckoo” (also widely known as “The Moonlight at the 5th of October Street”) that featured a touching romance story in Macao (drama released in 2000 and remade in 2021).

Xenia Wong

Xenia Wong, founder of En Masse Macau, a multi-brand selected store included over 20 designer brands from all around the world. In 2016, Xenia established leather brand O.N.E with her enthusiasm of leather crafts and 6 years experience in handmaking leather crafts. Xenia has been working with well-known enterprises to conduct leather craft workshop.

Vincent Cheang

Vincent is a media producer and a graphic designer. He established the LAVY band as a vocalist in 2007. Then, in 2012, he created the fashion brand Worker Playground thanks to his enthusiasm in fashion design. The name “Worker Playground” is meaningful to Vincent: a historic football field, which now stands the Grand Lisboa Hotel, that gives a lot of happy memories to Macao people. The latest slogan of Worker Playground is “For Boys Want to Be Men, For Men Want to be Boys”, indicating that boys and men are its main target customers.

Luís Lourenço (a.k.a. Rocklee)

Rocklee is a young freshman barber in Macao. Because of his passion in the barbershop industry, he gave up his former office job and switched to the current one. In the past few years, he has been to professional barbershops in many parts of the world to sharpen skills and learn more about the global barbering cultures. In 2015, a professional men’s hair salon, named 2LEGIT Barbershop, was established in Macao. He has then been invited many times to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines to demonstrate and teach the skills. Since Rocklee firmly believes that interest and passion are the driving forces, he never ceases to sharpen his craft skills required in this industry so as to bring more elements and highlights to men’s barbering needs of this newer generation.

Nicole Fong

Nicole is the founder of the brand “The Moss Nature Life”. She is a professional instructor of Macao’s handmade soaps, aromatherapy, and skincare products. With the extensive knowledge and experience of teaching and product making, Nicole actively participates in school and company workshop activities. The brand was founded in 2017, which focuses on natural body care and aromatherapy products. Keep life simple, enjoy the fine details.

Tavia Sam

GOWISH is an original design jewellery brand. GOWISH’s brand founder Tavia established TS FASHION shop in 2018. She established the original design jewellery brand GOWISH with her enthusiasm of fashion, shop establishment experience, flight attendant and corporate banking work experience. GOWISH is a special original design jewellery brand, which is different from ordinary jewellery and has a special packaging design. Each piece of the jewellery has a special meaning, encouragement and blessing on it.

Nicole Tam

ANtitled (est. 2015) is a bespoke corporate uniform design company that creates award-winning looks. Nicole Tam, Founder & Creative Director, worked as a design consultant at a US-based Fortune 500 apparel company. Its design projects included global brands such as Marriott International, Cathay Pacific, Hilton Worldwide, Sands China, Melco Resorts & Entertainment, and Galaxy Entertainment. In 2015, she founded the first workwear brand focusing on promoting sustainable uniform solutions, and now continues to bring brand values to the corporate companies in Asia.